LED decorative lights constitute a unique modeling style


Bamboo is peeled into thin pieces like cicadas' wings, and woven into baskets and fans. It is the unique skill of southerners. It is made into a transparent inner body of lanterns, which is hidden here. The decorative lamps made of glass blowing, the lamps made of dyes and the lamps made of silver plated glass all show magical imagination and creativity. The organic combination of traditional technology and modern technology of decorative lamp manufacturers is a significant artistic feature. It achieves the unity of shape, color, sound, light and movement, and becomes the representative of modern decorative lanterns.

Shape. The panoramic shape of the Lantern Festival is close to the mountains and rivers, and is placed between the mountains and rivers. The architectural lights of different artistic styles, different types and types of craft lights, horse lights, flower and bird lights, figure lights, and large group lights compete with each other in this artistic realm where natural beauty and artificial beauty are intertwined. The shape of the lamp is also rich and colorful due to the different themes, contents and expression methods. The various styles and postures constitute the unique modeling style of the club.

"Color". Since it is a lamp, it is natural that the main tone is red, which represents peace and festivity. But it is not limited to this. The change and use of its colors almost include all the hues in the world. Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, unpredictable, colorful, meaningful. All the happiness, tranquility and artistic conception are displayed in the emotional world of this color.

Light. The light of the Lantern Festival is not a single illumination light. The light here is in dots, bundles, rows and pieces. It has formed a wonderful landscape of "thousands of mountains and waters, different in distance and height". The flickering light gives you a sense of mystery; The red light evokes your ardent longing and pursuit; The light in the water stirred up colorful light columns, and the light sprayed from the dragon's mouth removed the seven colored star spots. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the interior light source is the main light source in the decorative lantern festival, and this light is leaked from the "belly" of the lamp. It makes the lamp more vitality and infectious.


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