LED decorative lights use the method of internal storage to highlight different styles


People's pursuit of quality of life has been meticulous. They expect that the lighting equipment at home can change a lot. LED decorative lamp manufacturers think that they can express different atmosphere according to our mood.

1.Power connection method: the general voltage of LED lamp band is DC12V, so switching power supply is required. The size of the power supply depends on the power and connection length of the LED light bar. If you do not want each LED light bar to be controlled by the power supply, you can purchase a high-power switching power supply as the total power supply, and then connect all the LED light bar input power supplies in parallel (if the size is not enough, you can expand it additionally), which is powered by the main switching power supply. The advantage of this is that it can be controlled centrally. The inconvenience is that the lighting effect and switch control of a single LED strip cannot be realized. The specific method can be measured by yourself.

2. Pay attention to the connection distance of LED light strips: Generally speaking, the long connection distance of LED light strips of LED decorative light series is 20m. If the connection distance exceeds this, the LED light strips will easily heat up, which will affect the service life of the LED light strips in the use process. Therefore, during installation, it must be installed according to the manufacturer's requirements, and the LED lamp must not be overloaded.


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