Decorative lanterns show a variety of different atmosphere or mood


When decorative lanterns are used for the back of furniture or hidden decoration, if you want to freely control the length of the light band, you can cut it from the middle with scissors. The area that can be cut is specially marked on the light band. In this way, no matter how long the light strip is required, the length can be controlled by the user. The back of the light belt is double-sided adhesive tape, which is convenient to stick to the wall or the relatively hidden position on the furniture.

Since it comes to expressing different home atmosphere, adjustable brightness and color are necessary. Although it is not possible to adjust colors as freely as decorative lanterns, it is estimated that for most people, it is more than enough to express various atmospheres or sentiments for the room.

The brightness is adjustable. In addition, there are optional flashing modes (flashing in different colors, or switching between various colors). All the adjustment options are on the button with the tail of the lamp, which is easy to adjust. However, it is not a smart lamp after all, so it can not be adjusted wirelessly by sitting on the sofa and turning on the mobile phone like a decorative lantern.


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