How to arrange a Christmas Lantern Carnival Party


At first, how to choose the right place in the home and arrange the Christmas Wreath reasonably.

You can push and pull the door from the front door, and see -- your eyes often fall on a place at home, which is the area where the light sources gather. At this time, everyone can reasonably arrange the Christmas Wreath there, but, for example, it is also a suitable place near the stove or the wall near the window. Choose the right animal shape design lamp.

The decoration design of the festival should reflect your own preferences. If you prefer a more traditional style, choose the fluorescent lamp with huge different colors; If you want to save energy and save stars, choose energy-saving and environment-friendly animal shape design lights.

Christmas lamp manufacturer tips: a 7-foot-high Christmas Wreath requires less than 500 bulbs; A hundred must be raised for every foot higher. If you prefer a more brilliant look, you can choose 150 bulbs per foot high. Of course, the total width of the Christmas Wreath needs to be calculated within I. the larger the diameter of the Christmas wreath, the larger the light bulb.


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