Plastic art lighting fixtures of LED Christmas lights


The plastic art lighting of LED Christmas lights uses different shapes, different colors and different lighting effects. The brightness adjustment between the two is a kind of unique garden landscape color built professionally. This kind of chromaticity to build out the garden landscape has very good unique characteristics, and can achieve the expected goals of everyone. The red light shaped led tree lights create a happy atmosphere for the city square, and the emerald green coconut tree lights create a subtropical charm by the pond. Different styles and colors give us different theme elements. Led tree lights can be used in various industries, such as city squares, residential areas, urban green spaces and other garden landscape sites.

LED Christmas lights take the method of Internet technology to promote their new products, the company's service projects and marketing to many customers, which also ensures that there are reliable service projects and many designer supporting facilities. In addition, it gives different customers a good opportunity to choose. With the development trend of e-commerce platform, customers can safely carry out selection. The comparison of high-quality and fashionable products is more convenient and the selection is more objective. Of course, it is also a good method for customers to carry out objective selection at this stage.

Led modeling lighting effect shooting is completely different. In the dark studio, basically all the light sources come from the two studio photography flash lamps on hand. The orientation, color and chromaticity of the light are completely in their own hands, but the photos taken are more gorgeous than those in the sunlight. LED color temperature is one of the key parameters of LED shape lamp.

The idealized LED color temperature can make the color of photos practical. If the LED color temperature is too high, the color is gray; If the LED color temperature is too low, the color will be orange yellow or even red. The LED color temperature of daylight film is set to 5400k. Generally, 4950k ~ 5600k is regarded as the allowable LED color temperature (the idealized value is 5250k). The key factors that endanger the LED color temperature of the studio photo flash are the flash cycle time, the anodic oxidation working voltage and the essential quality of the studio photo flash (such as reliability and attenuation coefficient). Excellent design and production of high-quality studio photo flash in each output file, the color temperature change of LED before and after application should not be very large.


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