What is the way to decorate the Christmas tree? Tell you the steps to decorate the Christmas tree


Three steps to decorate the Christmas tree

Step 1: Put festive lights on the Christmas tree

The first is to add a festive "color" to the Christmas tree and put festive lights on it. The representative colored lights are usually white or green wires. Of course, the main thing is to choose the color suitable for your Christmas tree, so that when the colored lights are hung up, the wires can be hidden and shine from the inside of the tree to make the Christmas tree look more beautiful. 

When hanging the Christmas lights, start from the bottom of the tree trunk, slowly wind up to the branches and ends, and fix them at each key fork. Here we introduce some of the most 

commonly used color lights for you to refer to when choosing.

1. Traditional incandescent lamp: This Christmas tree color lamp has various specifications and colors, and is the most common color lamp. They can warm a real Christmas tree and make the branches smell like pine because of the heat. Note that most of the Christmas trees used by the Chinese government are plastic products made in factories, so we will never recommend you to use this traditional incandescent lamp because it is very hot and dangerous.

2. LED lamp: This light source is more advanced than the traditional incandescent lamp and will not generate heat. They are more expensive, but they are fireproof and explosion-proof, so it is safer to put them on trees.

3. Bulb lights: These colored lights are round and have various sizes. After hanging, they look like colored balls. Their light is soft and the coverage area is large.

You can try and choose a suitable light source, or mix and match. For example, using white transparent light bulbs at the bottom can make the colored lights on the top more prominent. The use of lights can't be saved. For each foot of the vertical height of the Christmas tree, about 100 small light bulbs (small colored lights with wires) are used. The more lights, the more beautiful.

Step 2: Add some Christmas tree decorations

There are no fixed rules for hanging decorations on the Christmas tree, just don't hang them like sausages. Half from the top, slowly circling around the branches of the Christmas tree. Almost every foot of vertical height requires 2 pendants. Don't make your Christmas tree look full, just use a style of decorations. The thin beaded decorations are always bouncing around the branches of the Christmas tree, and the thick, ribbon or tinfoil decorations are loosely wrapped around the whole tree to look better.

Step 3: Hang Christmas decorations

First, hang your favorite and most beautiful pendant on the most eye-catching and prominent position of the Christmas tree. Then, hang the big decorations, distribute them evenly in different corners of the whole tree, and fill the space between the big decorations with medium and small decorations. Remember to hang some decorations near the trunk and branches to create a visual depth - don't hang all decorations on the surface of the Christmas tree.

Finally, add some special things, such as packaging gifts with strange shapes and gadgets that can be hung with clips.

Conclusion: Through the detailed introduction of the steps of dressing up the Christmas tree above, Xiaobian believes that everyone already knows how to dress up the beautiful Christmas tree on Christmas Day? Christmas is a very hot holiday for everything. How can we do without a properly dressed Christmas tree on Christmas Day? After reading the steps of decorating the 

Christmas tree introduced by Xiao Bian, do you have more confidence in decorating the Christmas tree? Then show it on Christmas Day.


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