The fancy idea of hanging colored lights on the Christmas tree can save time, effort and money. Is it better to hang only half of them?


According to the Mirror on December 9, a professional Christmas tree decorator recently shared a video on social media, pointing out the mistakes that people often make when decorating Christmas trees during the holiday season, which attracted the attention of netizens.

With Christmas approaching, decorating the Christmas tree has become a top priority. The most common way is to put various colored lights around the branches, which is full of festive atmosphere. Generally speaking, we use colored lights to circle the Christmas tree, but in fact, this method is wrong.

Clare Hooper, a 46-year-old former professional Christmas tree decorator, introduced a new method of hanging colored lights to netizens, saving time, labor and money.

The video released by Clare has reached 2.4 million playback on the Internet. Many netizens have learned this wonderful trick. Come and learn!

In the video, Claire squats under the tree with a colored lamp in hand. She hung the lantern on the branch at the bottom, then went up and hung it directly on the top of the tree. Then, let the colored lights on the top hang down again, and then pull them up. After a few zigzags, the colored lights will be hung.

"If you go around the colored lights one by one, it will take a lot of time and effort. With my method, it will be beautiful and save time." Clare explained in the video.

Clare said: "In the past, my job was to decorate the Christmas tree, so I often hung colored lights. My colleagues and I often used this zigzag method of winding colored lights, which is not only convenient and fast to hang, but also easy to replace if any light bulb accidentally breaks. Also, some Christmas trees are placed against the wall, so there is no need to waste colored lights on the back of the tree!"

Many netizens agreed with her method. One mother left a message: "I used to spend 800 pounds (about 7000 yuan) to buy Christmas trees and decorations for children. Your new method can save me a lot of money."

Some netizens also reflected on themselves and said, "My God, what is this fantastic idea? The way I circle the colored lights now is simply stupid."

Since the video was released, Clare has received more than 110000 points of praise and comments. Of course, some people sneer at her method: "No, no, it looks too tacky to hang the colored lights in a zigzag shape!" Others question: "The whole Christmas tree needs to be covered with colored lights, which only hangs the front, not the back!"


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