Ten Tourist and Leisure Attractions in Christmas Holiday


Christmas is the most important festival in western countries. Many families will gather at home and enjoy the reunion together. However, many families choose to travel together for Christmas. Here are ten good places to relax during the Christmas holiday.


Among the many streets in Brooklyn, Duke Heights is particularly famous for its bright Christmas lights. Every Christmas, Dake Heights is immediately surrounded by a festive atmosphere, and every family has decorated their houses. The huge residential area melts into a colorful landscape. Among the most notable are life size statues of skaters and 70 foot toy soldiers. The best viewing time for this scenic spot is from 5pm to 9pm in mid December.

Carnival in 12 pubs in Dublin, Ireland

In Ireland, revelers take turns to go to 12 bars every Christmas, and drink 1 pint (about 0.5 liter) of wine in each bar. As the night falls, Irish dancers will perform on the stage, and joy will sweep across the bar. As a tourist city, Dublin's bars are a must see for every traveler from afar.

Ponza Palace, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The ancient city of Dubrovnik in Croatia has a long history. At Christmas, the lively market became a storybook, waiting for people to read. It has a long history of more than 300 years, including a series of musical performances and traditional dances.

Nutcracker by George Balanchine of New York, USA

In New York, one of the most valuable traditions of Christmas is to watch the Nutcracker performed by the New York City Ballet in Lincoln Center. The performance starts on Thanksgiving Day and lasts until January 2 of the following year.

Alaska Arctic

Since 1952, the Santa Claus house in the suburb of Fairbanks, Alaska has been attracting tourists. The gift shop has tons of gifts, a 42 foot tall statue of Santa Claus, and real reindeer. In addition, children can receive letters from Santa Claus.

Christmas Market in Nuremberg, Germany

There are about 200 stalls selling Christmas decorations in the Christmas market in Nuremberg, Germany every year. These stalls are elaborately decorated and provide delicious Nuremberg sausage, gingerbread, and hot wine, attracting people from all over the world to visit and taste.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, has always been famous for its vivid and unique fairyland like scenery, and is an attractive Christmas holiday destination. It is a good choice to visit the famous Christmas Village or Reykjavik Christmas Market. Traditional Nordic Christmas gifts and music with Christmas characteristics will make you linger. Also, don't forget that the beautiful Northern Lights will illuminate the sky at this time of year.

Santa Claus Village, Finland

Santa Claus Village is located in the Arctic Circle 8 kilometers north of Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. It is a very popular Christmas resort. Here, you can send postcards to your friends, affix stamps full of fairy tale colors, and cover the postmark of Santa Claus post office. Isn't it special?

San Diego Beach Skating

De Cronado Hotel is a landmark hotel in Santiago. Tourists can not only play in the hotel's skating rink, but also enjoy the beautiful sea view. This makes it not only a favorite attraction for children, but also an attraction for Santiago.

Indiana Santa Claus Theme Park

This famous Christmas theme park in Indiana is the hometown of Christmas in the United States. Since its opening in 1946, it has received more than 1 million passengers every year. It also has the world's only post office with the same name as Santa Claus, a wooden roller coaster and the world's longest torrent. The Christmas Village in the United States is also a real fairy tale world. There are also Santa's candy castles, shops, museums, stables, etc. You can definitely feel different from Europe here.


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