Popular science about Christmas


1. Christmas tree: With Christmas approaching, most families in Britain will prepare Christmas trees. People decorate Christmas trees with metal foil, lights and small ornaments. Gifts will be placed under the trees. Decorating the Christmas tree is not only a Christmas fashion, but also a special moment for the whole family. Everyone will come to help. On the morning of the 25th, the family opened presents under the Christmas tree together, which is the most important thing of the year.

2. Christmas card: In 1843, the first Christmas card in the world was born in London. Sir Henry Cole is the promoter of this idea. He commissioned the artist John Callcott Horsley to design the card in the figure below and put it into production. Of the first 1000 cards printed, only 18 remain. Nowadays, sending Christmas cards to family or friends is still very common in Britain.

3. Advent Calendar: Advent Calendar is the reciprocal Calendar of Christmas. It has 24 dates and starts to count down from December 1. After each date, a small bag/lattice is designed with a small gift hidden inside (chocolate is more common). In this way, we will harvest a surprise every day in the last few days until Christmas. In Britain, it is also one of the essential Christmas traditions for children every year. A piece of chocolate every day is naturally a pleasure!

4. Candy candy: Red and white candy candy is also a popular candy during Christmas. You know what? The original candy cane is actually pure white!! It is said that in 1670, a German choir conductor, in order to keep children quiet during the Christmas ceremony in the church, found a candy factory and proposed to add a hook shape to the candy stick. Shepherds who look like crutches to symbolize the birth of Christ.

5. Mistletoe: Mistletoe is the most romantic tradition of Christmas. It is very common during the Christmas period. It is a mistletoe plant, which is often hung in the farm house or kitchen for decoration. Traditionally, if a boy and a girl happen to meet under Mistletoe, they can kiss each other.

6. Santa's reindeer: Speaking of Santa's reindeer, we are most familiar with Rudolph, the red nosed leader. Do you know the names of other reindeer? They are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donder, Blitzen, Cupid, Comet.

7. Boxing Day: Boxing Day is an indispensable public holiday for Christmas in Britain. In the past, bosses would give their employees and business customers a gift on this day, which was called the "Christmas box". Now, it seems that everyone will become a "shopping maniac" on this day. With the large discounts, there is a long queue outside the mall at midnight, waiting for the moment when the door opens to rush in.

Of course, Christmas is not without the important project of "eating"!

There will also be some traditional foods for Christmas in the West: Turkey, apple juice, lollipop, Christmas cookies, egg wine, cranberry sauce, gingerbread, honey ham, hot chocolate, small almond cake, apple pie, strawberry rhubarb cake, walnut cake, pumpkin cake, roast duck, roast goose


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