What about the Christmas tree after Christmas?


Many families, shops, shopping malls and hotels will use the simulated Christmas tree for decoration in Christmas. These plastic simulated Christmas products can be seen everywhere on the street. What should I do with the Christmas tree after Christmas?

Generally speaking, many people will throw away the used Christmas trees after Christmas and recycle them at home, which takes up too much space, and they will not use them as brightly as before the next year. When waste products are disposed of, they have little recycling value. Only a small part of the decorations will be recycled and kept for use next year. However, many businesses will make new contributions for Christmas every year. Many ornaments, colored lights and even the Christmas tree will not be reused and will be discarded as garbage after the festival.

We should know that the leaves of the simulated Christmas tree are made of plastic, while the trunk is mostly made of iron pipes. It is not cost-effective to charge according to the price of iron. It is difficult to remove the plastic according to the price of plastic, so it is difficult to recycle. In addition, the vast majority of Christmas trees and various ornaments use synthetic plastics or non degradable materials, which brings inconvenience to the later regeneration and recycling. Many people want manufacturers to recycle Christmas trees or launch Christmas tree leasing services, but the market is not yet ripe.

We recommend:

1. The used Christmas trees can be packed in cartons after being sorted out. Do not pack them too tightly to prevent deformation.

2. You will hang some hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree you bought. If you want to use the tree next year, you can buy some different ornaments and put them on it again. It's also good to keep them for the next Christmas. In fact, you can make some Christmas cards by yourself. There are such things abroad, such as making beautiful cards from your pictures and your family's pictures, which are also good to put on the Christmas tree. Hehe!

3. If you really don't use it, you can sell it to a plastic recycling place as waste, and generally don't throw it away as garbage, because these materials will not naturally dissolve, which will affect the environmental protection.


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