How to decorate the office for Christmas?


At Christmas, shopping malls, hotels and corporate offices are decorated beautifully. Now let's take a look at how to decorate the office Christmas decorations to create a festive atmosphere?

First of all, one of the office Christmas decorations: Santa Claus. This is the leading role of Christmas, so it is essential. Many companies will take this opportunity to make a major transformation of the office, so that everyone can usher in a new environment when they start work next year. Therefore, it is very good to decorate the office by taking advantage of the Christmas office decoration.

Secondly, the second part of the office Christmas decoration: the division of the front hall Christmas decoration area. 1. If it is a revolving door, Christmas decorations should be pasted on the glass of the main door and side door, as well as decorations such as snowflakes, colored lights on small pine trees and pine branches. 2. Reception desk area: the reception desk is surrounded by small flowers and decorated with small flags. 3. Elevator entrance area: a small Christmas tree can be placed. 4. The waiting area of the reception desk: it is better to put a 3m high Christmas tree, wind decorative lanterns, hang Christmas ornaments, and have deer sleds and Christmas cabins. 5. Roof area: from the entrance area to the elevator and member area, the two way eyelet snowflake ceiling is used for decoration. The light frame, wall top frame and elevator top frame are decorated with Christmas flags.

Third, the third part of the office Christmas decoration: the content of the front hall Christmas decoration. 1. On the day of the festival, a Santa Claus will send small Christmas gifts at the door. 2. Paste images or enclose red sheets on columns and walls. 3. The roof can be decorated with radial colored flags. 4. It can help surrounding green plants to enclose flowers. 5. The background music plays Merry Christmas songs, which are jingling.


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