Do you know the meaning of decorative lights?


As a lighting tool in the garden, decorative lamps should be exquisite in shape, coordinated with the environment, combined with the environmental theme, and can be endowed with certain meanings to make them interesting garden sketches. Outdoor decorative lamps are generally located at the entrances and exits of garden green space, squares, traffic arteries, both sides of garden roads, intersections, steps, around buildings, waterscape fountains, sculptures, lawn edges, etc.

The illuminance should be properly selected according to the different environmental sections in which the decorative lamps of the decorative lamp manufacturers are used. Such as entrances and exits, squares and other pedestrian distribution centers, it is required to have sufficient lighting intensity; In the quiet pedestrian path, only general lighting is required. The unique and artistic decorative lights can make the surrounding environment interesting and full of charm. Outdoor lighting design can be integrated into other design elements, such as sculptures, Waterscape, plants and so on.

Highlight the main landscape at night, so that it forms a virtual real relationship with the surrounding environment, and enrich the landscape level at night. The lights of different colors provide rich viewing interest for the monotonous night. A row of continuous lights or an array of lights brings a sense of rhythm. It has the function of marking and prompting, and the specific light can prompt you where you are in the park. Even in the daytime, artistic lamps have high ornamental value.

When night falls and the lights are on, the trees are lit up, just like putting on a gorgeous neon dress and dancing in the night. This is precisely because the lighting is no longer a simple lighting function, and its decorative effect is increasingly enlarged and applied indoors and outdoors.

Festival lights and decorative lights, as mass consumer goods, the product quality directly relates to the personal safety of consumers, and their quality and safety issues are very sensitive. From raw materials entering the factory, worker processing technology to enterprise management, factors affecting the safety and quality of festival lights are everywhere, and every link needs to be strictly controlled.


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