How to select the appropriate light color in different scenes


Landscape is the combination of culture and art and science and technology. Festival lamp manufacturers use light and color as the language to form a dynamic and static light, sound and color landscape. It is an important part of urban landscape, which can show the city style, reflect the comprehensive strength of the city, and promote the development of urban tourism light and its ancillary industries. Choosing a suitable landscape lamp can not only light the garden, but also effectively ensure the safety of family activities at night.

In the courtyard integrated with lighting design, other design elements such as sculpture, waterscape and plants can be expressed more incisively and vividly. According to different zones, conventional lighting has ground lawn lamp series; Wall lamp series; Hanging lamp series of gallery or outdoor eaves. The stairs will use light belts, the pavilions will use corridor lights, shadow wall lights, etc., and the pool or water show attractions will use pool spotlights.

When selecting the light source of courtyard lamps, use warm light source as much as possible. Too cold light sources or colorful light sources are generally not suitable for private courtyards. Too cold, too glamorous, lacking softness and comfort.

In the selection of lighting fixtures for landscape lighting, factors such as brightness, protection level, power level and service life shall be considered, and appropriate power parameters shall be selected according to different scenarios.

The soft and relaxed lighting will make the environment of the small yard more quiet and comfortable, friendly and pleasant. The whole lighting shall be uniformly arranged, with uniform illumination and ups and downs, with artistic effect of light and dark rhythm. At the same time, we should also prevent inappropriate dark corners.

If there is a swimming pool in the garden, the lighting of the swimming pool is essential. Different lights can dye different romantic colors for the pool halo; The sunset glow in the sky forms a halo and forms a quiet and romantic picture with the pool lights nearby.


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