Outdoor decorative lamps have two functions: decoration and lighting


The elements of urban environmental landscape include natural objects and man-made buildings, both of which appear in the form of behemoths and contain micro products, some of which focus on practical functions, while others highlight the value of decorative decoration. In the past, the products of decorative lamp manufacturers were committed to converting functions into practical and beautiful products. In the future, they must be continuous and standardized, and plan to expand, implement and improve the technical and artistic level.

Outdoor decorative lamps mainly have two functions of decoration and lighting, of which the decoration function is very important. When used for a long time, LED can save several times more power than other light sources and provide more stable lighting. The brightness is 3 times that of energy-saving lamps, or 7 times that of incandescent lamps. The service life is much longer than that of other bulbs, and the color is gorgeous. It is very suitable for outdoor decorative lighting.

Decorative lamps are made of durable materials and have a broad and unique appearance. It has a long service life and a wide range of uses. It is deeply loved by people. It can be seen everywhere, such as sitting at home, walking in the park, walking in scenic spots, walking on urban streets, or walking on rural roads.

Decorative lamps have a good decorative effect in hotel planning and air shaping through light transmission with their personal appearance or decorative methods. Generally speaking, lighting in large areas often attracts our vision with their mutual structural methods, and has an impact on the shaping of space. Large scale lighting equipment shall be provided for the indoor ceiling, and the decorative planning shall be made by using the construction lighting, or the picture with decorative performance shall be made by using the point type lamp, which can create the space with different air.

Outdoor decorative lights can also change everyone's mood, increase people's mood, and change people's concept to create a palette like night with light and dark. During the day, outdoor decorative lights can decorate the city scenery; At night, outdoor decorative lighting can not only show the necessary lighting and daily life convenience, increase the sense of security of residents, but also highlight the urban characteristics and deduce the bright style, so that it has been used and developed into a mature production chain.


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