Decorative lighting is improving the charm of the city


With the development of urban modernization, night lighting has not only satisfied the daily travel of residents, but also created another landscape for the city, fully demonstrating the unique charm of the city at night. Nowadays, a new consumption hot spot - night economy has emerged in modern cities. Night economy, also known as moonlight economy, is a "barometer" to measure the economic prosperity of a city. It is a modern urban consumption economy mainly in the form of leisure, tourism, shopping, fitness, culture and catering. It plays an important role in promoting urban development. The development of night economy cannot be separated from the illumination of lights. In addition to the lighting function, urban lights should also achieve sustainable development, mainly focusing on people-oriented, energy saving and environmental protection, so that the city presents a unique night scene.

The decorative lamp manufacturers generally refer to the lighting of night scenery, in addition to the functional lighting, to specifically beautify the human landscape and natural landscape at night. The objects of lighting include buildings or structures, squares, roads and bridges, airports, stations and wharves, places of interest, gardens and greenbelts, mountains, rivers and water surfaces, commercial streets and advertising signs, and urban municipal facilities. The purpose of the lighting is to reshape the above lighting objects with lights and organically combine them into a harmonious, beautiful and spectacular night scene picture, So as to express the night image of a city or region.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of urban construction scale, urban lighting has been attached importance, and urban landscape lighting has also been attached importance and developed. Lighting at night not only improves the living environment of human beings, but also promotes the development of the city and local night economy, adds new vitality to the city, enhances the charm of the city and beautifies the city's business card.


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