Decorative lamp manufacturers should pay attention to the light effect of products while processing


According to the different garden environment, the illuminance of LED modeling lamp should be selected properly. Such as the entrance and exit, the square and other pedestrian distribution centers shall have sufficient lighting intensity; And in the quiet walking path, only general lighting is required. Soft and relaxed lighting will make the garden environment more peaceful, 

comfortable and pleasant. The whole LED modeling lamp shall be evenly arranged in the lighting, so that the light intensity of the lamps in the garden is uniform and fluctuating, and has the artistic effect of light and dark rhythm. At the same time, we should prevent the emergence of inappropriate black spots.

Holiday Decorative lights not only have obvious energy-saving and safety effects on LED Christmas lights, but compared with the traditional Christmas lights, the main decorative colors are red, green and white. The flashing speed, direction and changes of these lights are more than those of the traditional Christmas lights, which can be said to be changeable and dazzling. Commonly used Christmas lights are decorated with stars, clouds, Santa Claus dolls, angels, bells, Christmas trees and so on.

Everyone should not be unfamiliar with the Christmas tree light, because it is the light bulb on the Christmas tree, but these light bulbs always use wires to connect many light bulbs. It's definitely not common. Although her lamp is colored, it only needs a light bulb to shine. If there is no light, because it is connected by a wire. If one of them does not emit light, then the light bulbs in the back must have no power, and these light bulbs will lose their light because they have no power.

Holiday decorative lamp manufacturers pay attention to the light effect of products while processing. Under the treatment of nonlinear light effect, the products have clear light effect and bright patterns in use. And the color of the light is also very rich and natural. It brings extremely comfortable visual effect. Therefore, it is very suitable for the installation in public places, and the LED Christmas lamp has a unique color changing function. It can make the products more colorful and attract more people's attention in commercial application. Therefore, such LED Christmas lights are favored by people. After a series of processing, the products are extremely stable and durable in long-term use.


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