How can we give full play to the effect of festive decorative lights?


Urban landscape lighting almost every city is under construction. How can the effect of festive decorative lights be brought into play?

The main points are as follows:

1.Careful selection of sections, i.e. mainly select the urban roads, landmark buildings and the surrounding areas of important business circles where the masses gather.

2. The lighting design is meticulous, requiring one street and one scene, integrating Festival elements and urban regional cultural symbols.

3. The festival decoration lamps are carefully selected. Each unit carefully selects lamps and lanterns, including red lanterns, Chinese knots, halo lamps, rattan ball lamps, string lamps, star lamps, etc., to highlight the prosperity of people's life.

4. The installation and construction are meticulous. All units pay special attention to the protection of green plants during the construction. It is better to spend more effort to protect trees and ecology.

Festival decorative lights mostly exist in the form of diffused light. Unlike direct light, diffused light does not produce too much shadow, which makes the color appear softer when it becomes bright and dark. However, an important problem that needs to be solved in the form of diffused light is that the surface temperature of the illuminant is too high. In terms of the popular holiday decorative lights on the market, few products can solve such problems.

Calculation of elevation angle and shoulder distance. The calculation of elevation angle and shoulder distance can achieve a good balance between the function and the landscape. For example, if the elevation angle design takes into account the corresponding landscape design, it can better reflect the role of the landscape and meet people's needs in function.

When there are bright spots with extremely high brightness or strong brightness contrast in the field of vision, people's pupils will shrink, and light spots will be formed in the eyes, which will damage the adaptation of people's visual system to the surrounding physical space, thus causing discomfort or visual decline. Glare is mainly due to the high surface brightness of the light source. The higher the brightness of the light source, the more serious the glare is. If the brightness of the light source is constant, then: the darker the surrounding environment, the more obvious the glare; The closer the distance between the light source and the viewing point, the more obvious the glare; The larger the apparent area of the light source, the more the number of light sources, and the more significant the glare.


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