Decorative lamp manufacturers share some common performances of decorative lamps


Like the traditional light source lamps, the lamps also generate heat. The heat of the lamps comes from the loss in photoelectric conversion and the driving power supply. Different from the principle of traditional electric light source, the light emission of is electroluminescence. Because of the subject of conversion, most of the output energy is converted into heat energy in the form of lattice vibration generated by non radiative recombination. And the way of heat transfer is not radiation but conduction. Therefore, an important goal in the heat dissipation design of the lamp is to effectively transfer the heat of the chip and effectively control the junction temperature in the lamp.

In terms of the structure of decorative lamp products, we have constantly explored and innovated, extensively drawn on the strengths of others, and continuously launched combined lamp tunnels with various artistic shapes and data structures. Decorative lamps have the characteristics of rich color, safety, energy saving and strong power. The important raw materials are iron or stainless steel, and various artistic shapes are made to beautify the decoration. The modeling lighting is the compensation for road lighting. Lights of different shapes, such as dancers in the street, are appreciated as objects in the daytime; As the night falls, the rich and colorful high brightness light sources add a bit of silence and beauty to the night.

The following LED decorative lamp manufacturers introduce the basic performance of LED decorative lamps:

1.Leakage current LED is a single lead conductive light-emitting body. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage. The LED with large leakage current has short life and low price.

2. The luminous angle of LEDs with different uses is different. Special lighting angle, high price. Such as full diffusion angle, the price is higher.

3. Life: the key to different quality is life, which is determined by light decay. Small light attenuation, long life, long life and high price.

4. Brightness LED brightness is different, the price is different. The LED used for LED lamps shall conform to the class I standard of laser grade.

5. Antistatic ability led with strong antistatic ability has long service life and high price. Generally, the LED with antistatic capacity greater than 700V can be used for LED lighting.

6. LEDs with the same wavelength and wavelength have the same color. If the same color is required, the price is high. It is difficult for manufacturers without led spectrometers to produce products with pure colors.


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