Decorative lamps decorate the city


Compared with the role of decorative lamp lighting, the main role of decorative lamp is decoration, that is, it has very high ornamental value. Decorative lights have a variety of shapes. Only those you can't think of, and no craftsman can't make them. Each shape can shock you. Whether in the park or in the scenic area, decorative lights can play a role in beautifying the environment. It is also because decorative lamps have high viewing value that many tourists will take special photos of decorative lamps as souvenirs when traveling.

Decorative lights are generally coordinated with the surrounding environment or the local history and culture. They can become a symbol of the national culture of a city or a region. In general, decorative lights can add beauty to the environment and leave a good impression on outsiders, which is a major feature of the city and scenic spots.

That is to say, landscape lighting must have its origin. Landscape lighting is a new generation of young industry, full of passion and rapid development. It is a comprehensive multidisciplinary industry, an industry of Art + technology, an industry of creativity + technology, but it is also a niche innovation industry. It originated from the construction industry, decoration industry and landscaping industry. However, it has greatly promoted the great development and innovation of lamps, light sources, intelligent control and electrical appliances. The future landscape lighting should be based on inheriting the tradition and endowing the urban charm of night lighting with innovative ideas.

Living in the city, decorative lights are undoubtedly a beautiful scenery. In our colorful life, there is also a light that makes us feel happy, that is, decorative lights. To be prominent, decorative lights are not prominent, but they have always been quietly decorating the city, and have been using their great efforts to drive away our fatigue. How can such a decorative lamp call people


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