The lamps and lanterns of decorative lamps incorporate rich literati connotation


We all know that the decorative lamps are very useful now, and we can see them everywhere. For such a widely used thing, of course, its types are also very numerous. After all, people in the world attach great importance to the pursuit of all aspects, and the development trend is becoming more and more important. In order to cope with these trends, things in all aspects must be constantly improved.

In fact, the development of decorative lamp manufacturers has a great relationship with the demand. For example, in order to create good light effect, we must rely on decorative lamps to carry out activities in some places. But we have thought of some effect, but it is impossible to do it with the current decorative lamps, so the decorative lamps will continue to develop due to such demand. Of course, the result is that such demand promotes the development of decorative lamps, which makes decorative lamps so diverse.

Urban landscape lighting is a systematic project, covering engineering technology, environmental art, humanities and history, economy, culture, management and other disciplines. It needs to be implemented step by step according to the actual situation of the region. The decorative lighting of every modern city can make people blend into the night of the city, understand the beauty of the city, and watch the other side of the city. And bring people to another dream world of the city. As a waterscape, without the supplement of decorative lighting, especially at night, it will be eclipsed by the loss of its existence.

The characteristics and charm of decorative lamp lighting and its attraction to people have proved that it has unlimited visual impact. 90% of the information obtained by human beings from the outside comes from vision. In order to expand visual ability and develop visual impact, human beings have made more efforts than other sensory development.

A shining city is the bright eyes of a country. It will make its own light pass through people's eyes, touch the soul, evoke memories, generate associations, develop passion, feel warmth, and improve the happiness index of the city. These are enough to prove that decorative lighting has developed from a single to meet the basic function of vision, and has a rich connotation.


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