Decorative lamps have high ornamental value


In order to shape the interaction between nature and art, the designer uses different color temperatures of light in design to create lighting features like the waves in the city garden, that is, it is not noisy and dominating, it is like a song and a picture, and it is ingenious and natural. It is a good example. When it comes to artistic lighting and natural inlay, China has inherited bamboo culture for thousands of years, which is a spirit that can not be separated. Bamboo, which is formed by Chinese people with aspirations, is also a spiritual civilization.

Modern urban lighting projects advocate low-carbon and environmental protection, so the setting of decorative lights should also pay attention to avoiding problems such as clutter, excessive quantity, too bright light, and can not be reused. For example, the color lights used in festivals should be recycled and reconstructed to avoid pollution.

The decorative lights in parks, scenic spots and other places should be as soft as possible. In addition to meeting the functional needs, they should also avoid light pollution as much as possible. The design should be as simple and generous as possible, highlight the characteristics and beauty of the landscape, and not dominate the main.

If the garden landscape is a beautiful face, then the light is undoubtedly that pair of bright eyes; When the night slowly falls, the light is not a reproduction of the scene in the day, but a secondary shaping of the spatial form of the landscape at night. The decorative lights of decorative lamp manufacturers not only have good lighting functions, but also have high ornamental value. Their unique artistic creativity creates a higher artistic conception of the landscape, which makes people bright in front of them and become a "Star" in the night sky.

Compared with traditional street lamps, ordinary decorative lamps still consume more electricity. Although its brightness is not as high as that of ordinary street lamps, it consumes a lot of power because it turns on the lights earlier at night and has a large number of light sources. But if it is a solar decorative lamp or decorative lamp, it can save a lot of electricity.


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