The Way Of Chinese Silk Lanterns Are Made


  Chinese Silk lanterns are one of the treasures that have been passed down for thousands of years in China.They are an artistic technique in ancient times.People would hang silk lanterns at their homes every Chinese New Year.The color and shape of silk lanterns were relatively monotonous in the past.

  With the development of time,nowadays Chinese silk lanterns are not only diversified in color,but the shape is no longer the original round lantern.Nowadays,lanterns of various shapes,such as cartoon shapes,animal shapes,architectural shapes,etc.,are difficult to make silk lanterns.It's not difficult,how to make it,let me introduce the simplest way to make a round lantern.

  First of all,you need to understand what materials are used to make lanterns.Generally,the traditional round lantern making material is bamboo strips.Take the bamboo strips enough to make a silk lantern,soak the bamboo strips in water and wait until the bamboo strips are soaked thoroughly;

  Then use the soaked bamboo strips to weave into the shape to be made,usually into a square or cylindrical shape.After weaving,tie each joint tightly with iron wire;

  The next step is to cut red paper to the size of the skeleton.You can reserve a little bit more,and then choose the image you like.If you can draw,you’d better draw it yourself.If you don’t,you can also use the image to cut it out;

  Then wrap the skeleton with red paper and glue it on.It must be firmly glued.After it is glued,it will form a hollow,and the finished pattern can be glued again;

  Finally,use iron wire to make a hanging plate.The lantern is generally high.Install the lighting and put the candle on it.Nowadays,the lantern cloth is usually made of silk with higher light transmittance,and cut it.Generally,it is cut into nine oval shapes,paste or You can sew it,and glue the joint at the end.


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