Christmas in the eyes of artists


Sleds, gifts, Santa Claus, these are the Christmas standards reflected in the hearts of the public. However, in the eyes of artists, Christmas is a natural thing to become impossible, and the art of Christmas has become diverse, bringing infinite surprises to people.

There used to be such a "porcelain Christmas tree" in the city of Hasselt, Belgium. This environmentally friendly and unique idea was proposed by two designers from a creative company. The Christmas tree, consisting of 5000 plates and countless tea cups, symbolizes the festive spirit of family reunion and sharing of delicious food during Christmas. After the exhibition ends, all the plates will also be shattered and used as mosaic decoration materials for a parking lot.

Japanese artist Yusuke Oono once celebrated Christmas by cutting an entire book into a three digit pattern with a laser, telling the story of a beautiful Christmas fairy tale. Each page of this book is calculated and ultimately carved into the images of Santa Claus, reindeer, and snowman, surrounded by a Christmas tree in the center. In the initial design of this work, Yusuke Oono utilized CAD drawing software to carefully calculate each step, resulting in such a 360 degree three-dimensional Christmas book.

The highly acclaimed lighting design artist Bruce Munro brings endless surprises to everyone with his stunning Christmas lighting. Around the Bath Museum in the UK, this dreamy light attracts many people and adds to the festive atmosphere of Christmas.

Of course, the cats in the animal world are not willing to be outdone. Do you remember Grumpy Cat? The world's first Grumpy Cat Christmas themed activity "Meow Star Christmas Oscar" was brought to Mikiki in New Pugang to see the world's most popular cat superstar and have a super unhappy Christmas.


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