LED Christmas Light String Knowledge Sharing


  LED Christmas light strings are essential decorations for Christmas decorations;It can be installed on Christmas trees,living rooms,bedrooms,staircases,courtyards,and outdoors.Below,we will share what Christmas light strings are

  LED light strings are mainly used for holiday and Christmas decorations,and they have waterproof properties and can be directly put into water.The light wire is flexible and flexible,and can be bent at will.The main characteristics of the product are:waterproof,environmentally friendly,low temperature,low electricity consumption,low voltage,long service life,and wide application range.The light string can be woven into various shapes,as well as various difficult handicrafts.

  Lamp bead colors:red,yellow,green,blue,white,warm white,purple,pink,RGB,and seven colors.The seven color light string has various forms of variation,such as constant brightness,flicker change,wave shape change,continuous change,fast flash change,slow flash change,flowing water change,gradually dimming change,and dreamy seven colors,which are very beautiful.

  LED light string body color:silver wire,brass wire,black wire,blue wire,green wire

  LED light string shapes:rice shaped and water droplet shaped

  LED light string modeling series:snowflake type,pentagram type,flower discrimination type,diamond type,rice grain type,Christmas tree type,round type and so on!

  In addition,the line spacing of LED lights can be customized according to customer requirements.The conventional line spacing includes 3cm.5cm.6cm.10cm.15cm.20cm.30cm and other conventional light spacing options


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