What kind of tree is suitable for making Christmas trees?


A tree suitable for making a Christmas tree must meet the following conditions: pine and cypress trees, evergreen trees, and trees with a triangular shape. Let's take a look at which varieties of trees are suitable for making a Christmas tree.

At present, most Christmas trees are made from natural or artificial trees, and the preferred tree species for natural trees is the fir genus, because the needle shaped leaves of this species are not easy to fall off after drying, and the color and smell are also good.


Spruce is a commonly used plant for making Christmas trees, with many popular varieties such as Norwegian spruce, blue spruce (Colorado spruce), and Seville spruce. This type of Christmas tree has an almost conical shape and a thick canopy, making it very suitable for heavy decorative holiday styles.

Spruce Christmas Tree


Fir is a relatively expensive Christmas tree choice because it grows slowly. Such as Korean fir and magnificent fir, as well as Norman fir and Colorado fir. This type of Christmas tree has a wide selection of needle colors, ranging from light green to gold, white to blue, making it a very beautiful variety.

European red pine

Pinus densiflora is a tree species distributed in a wide range from the Great Britain and Iberia Peninsula in the west to Eastern Siberia and the Caucasus Mountains in the east to Lapland in the north. In the north, its growth height ranges from sea level to 1000 meters above sea level, while in the south it appears as alpine plants. In some regions, it is also chosen as a Christmas tree species. However, compared to fir and spruce, the dosage is much smaller.

Nanyang cedar

Nanyang fir is currently the most commonly used variety and the most popular Christmas tree. It has a beautiful appearance, pleasing color, and a fragrant smell, and its leaves are not easily fallen off when cut.

Plastic Christmas tree

Another thing that is often overlooked is plastic Christmas trees. Most people still buy plastic Christmas trees, which have high cost-effectiveness and can be folded for easy transportation and storage


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