What do the French eat for Christmas?


French cuisine is very desirable. Many people have tasted exquisite French cuisine, but few people know what the French will eat on their most important Christmas day?

"The Queen" Oyster on the Christmas Table

Oysters, also known as raw oysters, enjoy the reputation of "sea milk", rich in essential protein and trace elements for the human body, and have high nutritional value when eaten raw. If accompanied by dry Baijiu, the taste will be more delicious. It is said that the French have loved oysters since the Middle Ages. Oysters are the "queen" on the Christmas table. Without Christmas dinner, it's not perfect, said Caroline, a housewife who buys from a supermarket in Marseille.

Due to a lack of supply, the price of oysters around Christmas this year has increased by 30% compared to previous years. To prevent theft and smuggling, French law enforcement agencies have even used police force to ensure the safety of oyster breeding bases and ensure the supply of holiday markets.

Diamond "Truffle on the Christmas Table

Truffle is a natural fungal plant that has been recognized as one of the three most precious flavors along with champagne and caviar. Growing underground, it is not easy to be detected, and the production area is not many, so it is relatively precious. In cooking, truffles are commonly used as ingredients, sprinkled with butter, cheese, or cream on pasta, stir-fried with eggs and rice, or placed under grilled chicken.

In Rogne, near Marseille, a middle-aged French woman who came to buy truffles at the festival, Francis, told reporters that truffles are diamonds on the French table. "Every Christmas, I buy two and eat them fresh, making the whole family happy.". Francis purchased two black truffles, totaling 80 grams, for 96 euros. "This year, the price of truffles has also slightly increased, from 1000 euros per kilogram last year," he said.

"Goose liver sauce, a must-have item for Christmas tables

Foie gras sauce is a traditional French food, which can be eaten in many ways. It can be used as a pre dinner dish, served alone with hot bread, accompanied by champagne or slightly sweet Baijiu; It can also be made into a main dish with other ingredients, paired with red wine.

A supermarket employee in Marseille said that a typical 250g foie gras sauce is priced at 80 euros because of its high price, low sales and low supermarket purchases. But every year before Christmas, supermarkets need to prepare sufficient supplies, and housewives who come to shop usually buy foie gras sauce. Around Christmas, French supermarkets have opened special areas to place various foie gras and bread slices with foie gras. A French housewife told me that every Christmas I buy foie gras sauce, and eating foie gras sauce is considered a Christmas feast. "If you don't buy, the children won't let me off," I joked.


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