Teach you how to make a beautiful Christmas tree with ribbons


On Christmas Day, a Christmas tree is an indispensable decoration. Many people like to buy a simulated Christmas tree at the mall and go home for decoration to welcome the arrival of Christmas. But have you ever thought about DIY a Christmas tree by yourself? That makes more sense. Let's teach you how to make a beautiful little Christmas tree with ribbons.

Red and green are the classic colors of Christmas. Next, we can use pins, red and green thread ribbons, and conical foam as raw materials to make a cute little Christmas tree decoration on the table. It can be placed on the desk at home or on the office desk of the company for Christmas decoration.

1. Cut the red and green threaded ribbons into small segments, with the length decreasing in layers, then bend the two ends of the ribbons, and string the ends together with pins to make small leaves.

2. Nail the prepared small folded leaves on the prepared conical foam in order and layer by layer. Green and red are separated. Each color has a layer to layer separation. The longest leaves are put down on the lowest layer, and are fixed on the foam with pins layer by layer.

3. Finally, a ribbon flower was folded on the top of the tree with a ribbon and fixed with a pin as the top of the tree. In this way, a beautiful little Christmas tree was made.

If you are a perfectionist, add some small Christmas balls under the Christmas tree, or hang some decorations on the tree, and a perfect table top Christmas tree will appear. Amazing, try it yourself.


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