The Christmas tree factory teaches you to assemble the Christmas tree


A beautiful Christmas tree is essential for the atmosphere decoration at Christmas. But many people don't know how to assemble the simulated plastic Christmas tree after buying it. Now we will teach you how to assemble the Christmas tree correctly.

Christmas tree installation section

Christmas tree segmentation

Many Christmas trees bought in the mall are unpacked and packed in a large cardboard box. A Christmas tree is usually divided into three sections plus the tree foot, and the ones below 1.2m are divided into two sections, including: the folded tree foot, the tree head, the middle section of the tree body, and the tree top. When we install, we need to connect these scattered parts and tidy them up.

Step 1

Install the foot of Christmas tree

Install tree foot

First, take out the foot of the Christmas tree and fix it with screws, and put it on the ground stably. Christmas trees below 1.2m generally use plastic feet, and three forks can be fixed. Most Christmas trees above 1.2m use clothes hanger type folding iron feet, open the clothes hanger tree rack, insert the tree head at the bottom into the tree foot, and then tighten the fixing screws. Spread the branches and leaves of the tree head outward evenly

Step 2

Christmas tree installation process

Middle section tree body connection

Insert the tree stem protruding from the middle part of the tree body into the sleeve hole at the upper part of the fixed tree head, and then rotate it tightly to make the connection between the two parts more firm, and then open the branches and leaves of the tree body evenly.

Step 3

How to install the Christmas tree

Top tree head connection

Insert the tree stem protruding from the top of the tree into the sleeve hole on the top of the fixed tree body. This sleeve hole is generally square, which is different from the sleeve hole at the bottom. Then open the branches and leaves on the top of the tree evenly.

Step 4

Organize and install the Christmas tree

After finishing the branches and leaves, the branches and leaves have been opened outward during assembly, but this is not enough. More detailed branches and leaves are needed. Because the trees are packed in cartons, the leaves will change pressure and need to be rearranged to make the branches and leaves naturally stretch and make people feel comfortable. When arranging the branches and leaves, you can arrange them according to your preferences. The commonly used way is to cross up and down, slightly upward, with a sense of prosperity. After fully spreading the branches and leaves, a plump and beautiful Christmas tree will appear before your eyes.


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