American towns celebrate Christmas two months ahead of time for little boys


The town of Stowe, Ohio, USA decided to leave an unforgettable memory for Keith Burkett, a 12-year-old terminal patient who may die at any time, so it celebrated Christmas two months in advance.

It is understood that Keith suffered from a rare cancer. The cancer cells have spread to his skull, shoulder, spine and liver. Doctors fear that this cancer will take his life before the end of the year. Therefore, people in Stowe, Ohio, United States worked together to give him a Christmas that he would never forget by decorating their homes, singing carols and dressing up as Santa Claus.

Little boy's Christmas

His mother, Taylor Woodard, said: "The doctors told me that they didn't know whether Keith would survive Christmas. He likes Christmas, but he is dying now. I hope my son can enjoy the last Christmas.

So at the end of September, we transformed our house into a winter wonderland. We lit the lamp and placed candy, polar bear and Santa Claus. We also wrote 'Merry Christmas, Keith' on a flag with the Arctic sign. "

Neighbors also began to hang up their decorations. Taylor said: "We noticed that our next-door neighbor placed some icicles and wreaths, and soon everyone was doing it."

Christmas 2 months in advance

It is understood that the local business tycoon, in order to comfort poor Keith, arranged for more than 50 drivers to drive decorated cars to hold the Christmas parade. When the Christmas music sounded, more than 100 cars decorated with Christmas began to parade.

Keith said, "That's great. The fire truck is my favorite part, because I have never had a chance to ride before. I can honk the horn now."

Many friends came to his family. They dressed up as Santa Claus and elves from the North Pole. He took a fire truck to a school, where he saw all the vehicles decorated for him.

Senator John Pribonic read out Keith's Declaration of Honor and announced that October 21 was Keith Day. He also received a medal from the mayor of the town. Finally, the choir sang Christmas carols, including "Silent Night", "Jingle Bells" and "Santa Claus in the City".

It is understood that Taylor's husband is a 34-year-old paint designer Adam. On Christmas Eve 2010, when she took Keith to the hospital, she knew for the first time that Keith was seriously ill. He was five years old at that time. In May this year, doctors found that cancer cells had spread to the skull, left shoulder, lower spine, pelvis and liver. Taylor has two children, one is 7 years old and the other is 6 years old.

Taylor said: "He is a kind child, which seems very unfair. But I am very happy that we can give him an unforgettable Christmas."


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