Christmas Chinese Santa Claus ALL BUY appears on social network


Christmas, just as Western countries are celebrating this major holiday, all Buy, the "Chinese Santa Claus" born across the other side of the ocean, has exploded on social media.

"Merry Christmas to you" in the photo of Xu Jinjiang seems to be the latest trend of domestic netizens this Christmas.

Xu Jinjiang, born in 1961, is a senior actor in Hong Kong. He has become the latest online idol because he played the classic role of Aobai in the 1992 comedy film The Deer Tripod.

Because the character he played happened to collide with Santa Claus's red hat and white beard, netizens began to play this role one after another

The pronunciation of Aobai's name is similar to "all buy" in English, which encourages people to buy gifts for their loved ones during Christmas and further boosts Xu Jinjiang's popularity.

On December 24, Xu Jinjiang, the "Santa Claus of China", was put on the Sina Weibo hot search list. His photos were adapted into micro-video, animated picture and expression package in a short time. Some smart merchants have launched relevant customized products on the domestic e-commerce platform Taobao.

On December 25, Sina Weibo also added the image of Xu Jinjiang's role in the movie to its expression list for users to choose from.

In response to the enthusiasm of netizens, Xu Jinjiang, now 57, said that he was very happy to get the new title, and sent holiday greetings to netizens on his official Weibo account: Christmas, the old man with red hat and white beard gave you the best wishes!

The netizens were very excited when they received the personal response from the "old man with red hat and white beard". In addition to sending Christmas wishes, they also expressed their own feelings:

A Weibo user wrote: "I have waited for Chinese Santa Claus for more than 20 years before he appeared. I believe he is the perfect image in my heart."


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