Meaning of Christmas tree


1. The ancients once hung red apples on the trees, symbolizing the difference between good and evil.

2. The evergreen tree also symbolizes the eternal life given by the Lord.

3. The triangle of the Christmas tree symbolizes the Trinity.

4. The candles or colored lights on the Christmas tree symbolize that Jesus is the light of the world.

5. The star at the top of the tree symbolizes that Jesus is the bright morning star, or the star guiding the Oriental Doctor, sometimes replaced by an angel who tells the truth.

6. The gifts under the tree symbolize that salvation is the gift and grace of God.

7. The Christmas tree is not only a holiday decoration, but also a symbol of happiness and a new journey.

The Christmas tree first appeared on the Saturnalia Day in the middle of December in ancient Rome. The German missionary Nicholas used fir trees to worship the Holy Child in the 8th century AD. Subsequently, the Germans took December 24 as the festival of Adam and Eve, and put the "Paradise Tree" symbolizing the Garden of Eden at home, and hung cookies representing sacred cakes to symbolize atonement; They also lit candles to symbolize Christ.

By the 16th century, Martin Luther, a religious reformer, designed a Christmas tree with candles in his home for a starry Christmas night. This Christmas tree is considered to be the earliest one.

However, there is another popular saying about the origin of the Christmas tree in the West: a kind farmer warmly treated a wandering child on Christmas Day. When leaving, the child broke off a branch and inserted it on the ground and immediately grew into a big tree. The child pointed to the tree and said to the farmer that every year today, the tree is full of gifts to repay your hospitality. Therefore, the Christmas tree people see today is always full of small gifts.


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