Christmas decoration materials: self-made ice snowman making method


I believe that everyone will relax in their spare weekends and use ice to make snowmen for skiing. Is it a great Christmas tree decoration?

We don't need to use real ice, but we can choose fake ice, and don't worry about its melting. The lovely snowman ornaments can be hung on the Christmas tree, or anywhere you want to put it~

There are many ways to get fake ice cubes, which should be available in online stores. You can also consider using resin and crayon to melt, and then put it into ice tray to DIY yourself.

Need to prepare: super glue (or hot glue gun), small decorative hook, fake ice block of your choice, thin marker, felt cloth. Cut the felt cloth into thin strips to make a snowman's scarf.

Then prepare another heart-shaped fake ice and paste them together as shown in the figure. Finally, put on a scarf and draw an expression. The lovely Christmas snowman decoration is ready.


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