Decorate different roofs with different Christmas decorations, and I will decorate them


At Christmas, the public places such as shopping malls, homes, squares and cinemas are usually decorated with Christmas harmonious decoration equipment. An old man with white beard wearing a red robe and a red hat will welcome everyone at the door, as if he had come to the new world. I believe many people have read the story of Santa Claus. In the fairy tale, Santa Claus will drive reindeer and sledge from the north, and enter every family through the chimney, Hang Christmas gifts at the children's bedside or in front of the fire.

The most important thing in the West is Christmas. How can Christmas be without Santa Claus? How can Santa Claus be without chimney? So most houses in the West have chimney design. In particular, many European style villas still retain the design of chimneys, which also have a sense of design while enhancing the decoration effect.

Speaking of style, many architectural styles are prevailing today, such as Chinese style, Mediterranean style, European and American style, oriental pastoral style, etc. Different styles interpret different aesthetic pursuits. Yinghong cement tile, as an indispensable material for tile roof, adds a beautiful landscape to the building roof. Shengshi Zhuoye has a wealth of roofing tile products. Each tile type has its own characteristics and can control the architectural style, giving full play to the overall architectural effect.

Among the corrugated cement tiles, Lilan is particularly classic. The large and medium arch design is widely applicable to all architectural styles, with rich colors; Provence brings a very pure Mediterranean style with its high arch shape, and the orange peel effect on the surface brings true color performance; Oulan is in the shape of water ripples, with beautiful oblique arches and very dynamic, which makes the roof infectious and presents different classical beauty.

In the flat cement tile, Pinrui challenges the tile limit, only 21mm, with thin shape and exquisite tile surface, which can be perfectly integrated with the Chinese architectural style, demonstrating the ultimate oriental beauty; Qin inkstone combines modern elements with traditional elements. Its unique surface treatment, exquisite groove cutting and highly decorative effect can build French, American, modern and other styles of buildings.


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