Which Christmas decorations are popular at Christmas


After the Double Twelfth Festival, another holiday that everyone is looking forward to is coming, that is, Christmas from the West. With the continuous development of the economy and the integration of China and the West, slowly we also began to celebrate Christmas. Children are looking forward to seeing Santa Claus. It can be said that this is a very popular holiday for children, On Christmas Eve, every household will also buy some beautiful Christmas decorations to decorate the Christmas tree and their home. So which Christmas decorations are often purchased

1. Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas. How can we not put a Christmas tree in our family for Christmas? The green Christmas tree is hung with small ornaments, and then placed in the living room. It is as beautiful as it is, and it can also set off the atmosphere of Christmas.

2. Stockings Without stockings Where are Santa's gifts going? If there is a fireplace, hang it on the fireplace. If there is no fireplace, hang it on the cabinet. It is beautiful and interesting~

3. Little elk and elk are going to pull sleigh for Santa Claus. How can they be missing at Christmas? It is smart and beautiful when placed on the table or in front of the Christmas tree~

4. Christmas cap The red Christmas cap is small, delicate and festive. It's good if you have a pet to buy one for them or bring one yourself.

5. Christmas wreath. Hang some Christmas wreaths on the walls, doors or windows of your home, which can be both decorative and beautiful, and the Christmas atmosphere is full~


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