How to choose a suitable Christmas tree?


What can't be missing at Christmas? There is no doubt that it must be the Christmas tree. Every Christmas, almost all the shops in the streets decorate various Christmas trees in their shop windows, which is full of festive atmosphere. A Christmas tree is so important for Christmas, so how to choose a suitable Christmas tree?

Buy a simulated Christmas tree

First of all, the most convenient and economical way is to buy a simulated Christmas tree. In foreign countries, almost every shop sells artificial Christmas trees near Christmas, and the closer the Christmas is, the more discounts there will be, and there will be many choices: in terms of color, there will be traditional green, black, gold and silver, and some trees will also have artificial snow cream on them, and there will also be many creative shapes. You can choose the thin, fat, tall and short trees. But in China, few stores will retail Christmas trees, and domestic families will rarely make Christmas decorations. But it is different for shops, supermarkets, hotels, squares and other businesses. It is very important to buy a Christmas tree to create a Christmas atmosphere. Where do they buy a Christmas tree? Many of them are purchased from the Internet. Taobao has a variety of Christmas trees to sell at a very low price. For businesses pursuing high quality, they will choose to order Christmas trees in the factory, especially some chain stores. There is a great demand for Christmas trees, so they can get Christmas trees that can meet their own requirements when ordering in the factory. There is also a large Christmas tree about 10 meters long, which must be customized by the manufacturer. We should find the manufacturer to make preparations about a month in advance.

Buy a real Christmas tree

First of all, before choosing a Christmas tree, you should know that every tree is different. Although all Christmas trees belong to evergreen trees, they also come from different families, including spruces, firs and pines. The most popular species are also the ones with the highest price. Among them, there should be fir. In short, it is because it is not easy to lose its leaves. Of course, for ordinary consumers, it is a little difficult to distinguish, so you must ask the seller clearly before buying.

Second, decide how big a tree you want to buy. The best way is to measure the height of your ceiling from the ground. Don't overestimate it. If greed buys a big one, the family will be distressed. The crown of a tree like spruce will be very large when it is disassembled, so we should pay attention to it when measuring. The trees you buy directly are usually not very neat, so you can simply trim them. It takes less effort to cut them into the most beautiful Christmas tree shape.


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