Some basic knowledge about LED Christmas decorative bulbs


More and more people spend Christmas with Christianism, so they have to think about decorating the Christmas tree. LED Christmas light bulb is the most basic decoration. LED Christmas light bulb with proper proportion and proper winding and suspension can make the festival more attractive and bright. But how many LED Christmas bulb manufacturers need, how to choose and how to wrap them?

December is quietly leaving. In the cold winter, there is a festival that can make people warm. Christmas is quietly approaching. In recent years, the domestic Christmas atmosphere has gradually become grand and warm. The atmosphere is hot, the audience is large, and the scenery is beautiful. It has also become a good time for many businesses to promote.

So, how much do you know about Christmas decorations? Do you know how to make and decorate our common LED Christmas lights?

The LED Christmas bulb has developed into the fourth generation. The packaging method of the LED Christmas bulb, the IC model of the LED Christmas bulb, the chip size of the LED Christmas bulb, the white balance ratio of the LED Christmas bulb, and the bayonet size of the LED Christmas bulb. This will enable you to better purchase products with quality assurance. At present, the LED Christmas bulb in the market adopts bayonet design, which is more convenient to install and basically suitable for punching various plates. Commonly used plates include electrolytic plate, aluminum plastic plate, iron plate, stainless steel plate, etc. When selecting, you should pay attention to selecting the appropriate plates according to the bayonet size, word size and engineering environment of full-color LED Christmas bulb.

First of all, choose the right place to decorate the Christmas tree at home.

You can push the door through the door to see where you often fall at first sight. That is the place where the light gathers. At this time, we can place the Christmas tree there. However, it is also a suitable place, such as the fireplace or the wall near the window.

Select the appropriate LED Christmas bulb.

Festival decorations should reflect your personal preferences. If you prefer a more traditional style, choose the big incandescent bulbs with different colors; If you want to save energy and save the planet, choose energy-saving LED Christmas bulbs.

How many lights do you need?

Expert tips: A 7-foot tall Christmas tree should use at least 500 small lights; 100 more for every foot higher. If you prefer a more brilliant look, you can use 150 bulbs per foot. Of course, the width of the Christmas tree should also be included. The bigger the circumference of the Christmas tree, the more light bulbs are needed.

Prepare tools

Every year in the United States, more than 15000 people go to the emergency room injured by decorating the Christmas tree. Therefore, remember to prepare appropriate tools before decorating the Christmas tree. For example, use an electrician's ladder instead of randomly finding a stool to pad up; Use standard wires and power extension cords; The bulbs on each string of LED Christmas bulbs cannot be connected too many. About 500 bulbs are connected in a string. If more bulbs are needed, they should be connected to the plugs in multiple strings.

Gather the LED Christmas bulbs together

It sounds a bit redundant to coil the LED Christmas light bulbs that would have been wrapped around the Christmas tree into a ball. In fact, this can avoid the tangle between the LED Christmas bulbs when decorating. In addition, it is convenient to hold the LED Christmas bulbs in one hand and twist them in the other, without disorderly and risking tripping yourself.


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