Cold Christmas Knowledge: Does Green Santa Claus Become Red? This is too interesting



December 25 is not Jesus' birthday

Even the Bible does not know when Jesus was born. Considering that the Roman Church conducts large-scale sacrificial activities during the winter solstice, and in order to better integrate Christianity with Roman culture, the Roman Church defines December 25 as "Christmas".


The Christmas tree originated in Northern Europe and later developed in Britain

In 1840, German Prince Albert married Queen Victoria of England, bringing the European habit of decorating evergreen trees in their rooms in winter to Britain. This is the earliest Christmas tree.


The first gingerbread figurine made at Christmas was Queen Elizabeth I

It is said that the Queen had a sudden idea and ordered the baker to make a human shaped gingerbread according to the appearance of the guests attending the Christmas dinner, and gave it to the guests as a Christmas gift. The world's first gingerbread villain was born.


The star at the top of the Christmas tree also has a name. It's called the "Star of St. Bethlehem"

The top of the Christmas tree was also free of angels, meaning to guide the birth of Jesus. According to records, when Jesus was born, an angel told a group of shepherds in the Bethlehem Desert about the news of Jesus' birth. At the same time, in the distant eastern sky, there are stars that indicate the birth of Jesus. People followed the guidance of the stars to find Jesus and offer precious gifts.


The earliest decorations on the Christmas tree were lit candles

The reason for canceling candles is very simple, that is, burning candles are easy to cause fire


"Jingle, jingle, jingle" is not a Christmas song

Jingle Bells was created to celebrate Thanksgiving.


Santa Claus also wore a green hat

Long ago, there were green, blue and white Santa Claus.

In 1931, Coca Cola Company made an advertisement picture of Santa Claus. Santa Claus with a snow-white beard was wearing a red dress symbolizing the logo of Coca Cola Company and drinking Coke secretly. The advertising effect is very good. Santa Claus in red and white has gradually become the standard image of Santa Claus.


The leader of the sled is Rudolph

In 1939, Robert wrote the fairy tale poem of Rudolph the reindeer to attract people's attention. The sales promotion in that year was particularly good, and the image of reindeer was also deeply rooted in people's hearts.


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