The lighting capacity of landscape lights depends on the viewing requirements


Festival decorative lamp is a kind of glow discharge light source, which is mainly composed of lamp tube, electrode and lead wire. The tube of festival decorative lamp is a sealed glass tube with a diameter of 5-45mm, but the commonly used tube diameter is 6-20mm. The festive lights are pure white and elegant, or pulsating and changing, or colorful, or swirling. Elegant and unique shape, with profound implication, or compared with mascots, or simulating a scene, or reflecting the development characteristics of local corporate culture.

The lighting capacity of the landscape lamp depends on the viewing requirements. In order to get the light source choice of outdoor holiday decorative lights, there are usually three basic colors of energy-saving lights, led lights. Advantages of the landscape tree lamp: 1. The main pole of the tree is steel pipe, and the branches are steel pipes or steel bars. The manufacturers of the simulation tree lamp simulate the bark outside. High hardness, anti-aging and environment-friendly building materials can be used. The blade design adopts flexible anti-aging materials, and the light source is LED particle lamp.

The waterproof technology of festival decorative lamp lighting project can prolong the service life. 2. Cold proof power line protection, brand resistance, increased social isolation column, pure copper wire, cold proof double shell, variable male and female connection, effective measures to avoid wind and water. 3. Environmental protection: no harmful metal mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation. 4. Long service life: the economic life of the product is up to 50000 hours, and it can be used for 15 years if it is lit continuously for 8 hours every day. 5. Large design space: it can realize the organic integration with landscape art and achieve the perfect combination of art and lighting.

The tree shape is beautiful and generous, and the branches are full of petals. It is colorful and lifelike. Color exchange, data flicker, and gradual change can flicker, which play the role of ornament in the night. Strong atmosphere, strong sense of participation and strong sense of audience integration. The arrangement of dots, lines, facets and heights presents a three-dimensional dream feast of light and shadow. Tourists can join in. What students experience is not only the visual shock, but also the deep touch of their own hearts, which is also the reason why Chinese tourists often linger.


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