The lighting project of festival decorative lights is the same as that of traditional light sources


Outdoor decorative lamps are characterized by rich colors, safety, energy saving and high intensity. The main raw materials are iron or stainless steel, which are made into various artistic appearances for beautification and decoration. Outdoor decorative lighting is a supplement to road lighting. All kinds of lights, such as street dance, are regarded as body appreciation during the day; When night falls, colorful high brightness lights add some quiet and beautiful lights to the night.

The point light source of the festival decorative lamp lighting project is a new product of our company, which has the advantages of light weight, small wind resistance, grand scene, rich colors, etc. DC low-voltage power supply mode is adopted, which has the advantages of power saving, safety, long service life, no protection, etc. The design of festival decorative lights should be based on the user's requirements, combined with the site conditions and local cultural characteristics.

Focus on the function and significance of lighting landscape, combine modern lighting technology for artistic creation, and then simulate the dynamic scene to let users enjoy the landscape lighting effect and meet various lighting needs through computer 3D software. LED modeling lamp manufacturers understand the corresponding LED products; There are many kinds of LED products, and the following products of LED modeling lamp manufacturers are used in lighting projects.

The lighting project of festival decorative lamps is the same as the traditional light source lamps, and LED lamps also generate heat. The heat of LED lamp comes from the photoelectric conversion of LED and the loss of LED driving power. Different from the traditional light source, LED is electroluminescent. Due to the problem of conversion efficiency, most of the output energy is mainly converted into heat energy in the form of lattice vibration generated by non radiative recombination.


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