Modeling lamp manufacturers will become the favorite pursued by people


With the development of science and technology, led light source has been widely used in lighting. It may replace other light sources in the next few years, and it will also have a great impact on people's lives. Festival decorative lights will also become a favorite pursued by people.

The layout of festive decorative lamp products has been constantly exploring and innovating, and has brought out a variety of combined light tunnels with various artistic shapes and material layouts. LED modeling lamps have the characteristics of rich color, quiet, energy saving, and strong strength. The important material is iron or stainless steel made of various artistic modeling to achieve the beautiful decoration results. Festival decorative lighting is a supplement to gateway lighting. The lights in different shapes of the modeling lamp manufacturers are like street dancers, and they are appreciated in the daytime as real objects; The night is coming, and the rich and colorful high brightness light source adds a little quiet and gorgeous to the night. Its point light source is the product of our company. Its components are light in weight, small in wind resistance, large in situation and rich in color. It adopts the DC low-voltage power supply method, and has the advantages of electricity saving, peace, long life and maintenance free.

The festival decorative lights shall be used for the equipment deployment of night scene lighting in Duhui Road, garden squares, halls and halls, and they shall be the same as the auspicious cultural lights and festival celebration decorations.

Rainbow tubes of festival decorative lights include festival decorative light strips, flexible neon lights, etc. When installing modeling lights, manufacturers should try not to remove all the light strips from the reel, and then pull the whole strip onto the building for installation; Because if the force is too strong, the main line of the light strip will break, causing irreparable damage to the light strip; If there is no light in the middle, you can use a blade to cut off the unit that is not bright, and then use the intermediate connector to connect it. It should be reminded here that the plugs and tail plugs connected when used outdoors should be waterproof.

In addition, pay attention to the negative sum of power when using wires; When the power consumption of the project is not large, the national standard 4mm2 main line is used for the main line, and 2.5mm2 wires are used for the line from the transformer to the lamp tube. The super five network cables shall be used as the signal cables as far as possible. Waterproof and rainproof measures shall be taken for transformers and controllers.


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