What tree does the real Christmas tree use??


Christmas is best represented by the Christmas tree except Santa Claus. People begin to buy Christmas trees for decoration before Christmas comes, so what is the real Christmas tree?

In the Middle Ages, it was a custom in central Europe to use evergreen trees like pines and cypresses to offer sacrifices every year, because they symbolized immortality. However, the trinity in Christianity is also very similar to the triangular shape of pine and cypress trees. However, there was no Christmas tree at this time. The Christmas tree appeared in the 16th century. At that time, people began to decorate evergreen trees. It was not really popular until the Victorian era, and it has spread all over the world. What kind of tree does the real Christmas tree use? There are three kinds, namely:

1. Araucaria: This is the most widely used variety of Christmas trees and the most popular Christmas tree. It has beautiful appearance, pleasant color, and sweet smell. Its leaves are not easy to fall when cutting.

2. European fir: it is the second most used tree and also the traditional source of Christmas trees. It is also a very common Christmas tree because of its low price.

3. Norwegian spruce: This kind of Christmas tree is relatively cheap. Even if it is relatively cheap, the amount available is still very small.


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