Christmas trees from China are not affected by the shortage of loggers


A news from French media said: The French Natural Christmas Tree Association issued an alarm that there is a shortage of Christmas tree loggers at present, and the situation is "critical". French, you might as well consider a Christmas tree from China. Our plastic simulated Christmas tree is not affected by the loggers.

Christmas tree feller

According to French Radio Europe 1 on the 9th, although Christmas is still more than two months away, the shortage of loggers has put unprecedented pressure on the industry.

The French Natural Christmas Tree Association recently issued an alarm that the Christmas tree cutting season will start in early November, but there is a shortage of staff at present, "the situation is critical". French Christmas tree loggers are seasonal workers. Due to the high inflation rate, many workers hope to raise their wages this year. The vice chairman of the association said that Christmas tree suppliers had announced that they would pay more than the statutory minimum wage in addition to housing and commuter cars. However, the gap in the number of workers in many places was much greater than in previous years, and recruiting enough people became an "impossible task". According to the report, the logging industry is now facing the same problems as the catering and hotel industries, and the employees in these industries are ignored all the year round. With the COVID-19 and rising prices, many people decide to leave their jobs or turn their attention to more relaxed and "lucrative" jobs.

Natural Christmas tree felling

Since the cutting of natural Christmas trees is affected by the shortage of manpower, why not consider the simulation of Christmas trees? Some time ago, the topic of environmental protection in France was constantly hot. First, the remarks of the Paris star Mbape were questioned. Then, the policy of shortening the time for the lighting of the Christmas lights on the Champs Elysees Street was introduced. So much attention was paid to environmental protection issues. Under the current circumstances, it is really necessary to consider a simulated Christmas tree from China.


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