Extreme weather in North America will affect the supply of Christmas trees in the coming years


In recent years, due to the extreme weather in North America, the number of high-quality trees that can be planted by Christmas tree growers has declined, which makes people consider using plastic trees to replace traditional Christmas trees.

The growers of the Christmas tree farm said that it was difficult for seedlings to thrive in extreme weather conditions. Although Christmas trees are easy to adapt after taking root, they are difficult to adapt when encountering bad weather when they are young. Their life strength is not enough to support them without rain for a long time.

In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of extreme high temperature weather and wildfires in summer in North America, extreme cold in winter, heavy snow cover and other climate problems, the final output of local tree planting has declined, while the cost of soil protection and tree growth maintenance has continued to rise, driving the price of trees to rise. In the future, many families may choose plastic Christmas trees to replace traditional Christmas trees.

A plastic Christmas tree can be recycled for 2-3 years before it is thrown away. The real tree needs to be replaced every year. In terms of cost, plastic Christmas trees are much more cost-effective than real trees. People use plastic Christmas trees to replace traditional Christmas trees, not only because the supply of real trees is reduced. On the contrary, it is a very important factor affecting the supply of real trees. Supply and demand are determined by the market.


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