Do you know that Christmas decoration trilogy can easily create a beautiful home Christmas atmosphere?


Christmas is just like the Spring Festival in China. It is a time to get together with your family, so you will decorate the Christmas atmosphere at home in advance. Some people think that Christmas decoration is a complicated and complicated thing. In fact, it can be very simple. As long as you follow the following trilogy, you can easily create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere

Step 1: Determine the theme color

Christmas home decoration is not difficult, first of all, we should know how to use color to express the environment atmosphere. Red, green and white are typical Christmas colors. In addition, gold, silver and yellow have gradually developed into common colors for Christmas decoration. Generally speaking, the red ones include Christmas flowers, Christmas candles and Santa's clothes and hats. The green one is the Christmas tree, which is hung with colorful lanterns, gifts and paper flowers, and also lit with Christmas candles. White refers to the cold climate environment where Christmas falls on ice and snow. Yellow is also increasingly valued. Yellow represents sunshine and brilliance, and golden Christmas stars, gold foil ornaments, candles and electric lights represent it. We can first observe the original decoration color of our own home, select a color as the main color of the layout, and then match it with the same color system or gold and silver colors, which can bring eye-catching Christmas decoration effect.

Step 2: Select decorations

As the main attraction, the Christmas tree can be placed in the corner of the living room and decorated with colored balls, bows and other ornaments. A festive atmosphere is just around the corner. If you want a simple and unique Christmas tree, you can also use DIY to draw the outline of the Christmas tree on the wall with a pencil, and then stick small ornaments; Or simply make a Christmas tree from several sticks and decorate candles, Christmas balls and other objects, which are both beautiful and creative. Exquisite Christmas wreaths, elk pillows, crystal ornaments, and sparkling snowflake lights are all elements that highlight the corners of the home.

Step 3: Layout

A well decorated Christmas tree is placed in a prominent position in the living room. It is better to add small decorations such as gift boxes under the tree to decorate. Put a Christmas wreath on the door head and the top of the window, a circle of vines around the edge, a Christmas ball, etc. for decoration, and put a red cloth on the tea table, and then put poinsettia or poinsettia on it; Put a plate with several Christmas trees of different colors in the middle to set off the atmosphere. The restaurant is another main venue for Christmas parties, and tableware and specialty food are the best "decorations". The white table is matched with pink mattresses and tableware, including pink flowers and candlesticks. In this way, pink immediately jumps out of the monotonous white space, and the warm and romantic atmosphere echoes in every corner. The room is also essential. Put a few red Christmas bags or Christmas stockings beside the bed, and tie a few colored ribbons. It is full of warmth.


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