What are the advantages and disadvantages of Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees?


Everyone will buy a Christmas tree for Christmas decoration. Some people like real trees, while many people like artificial Christmas trees. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Let's explain:

The question of whether to buy a real tree or a simulated Christmas tree often troubles people. They don't know which one to choose. In fact, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. The final choice depends on personal preference.

Real Christmas trees usually appear in the market two weeks before Christmas. They are transported from the farm to the market for sale. The advantage of fresh Christmas trees is that they will emit strong rosin, purify the air, be natural and healthy, and add to the festival atmosphere and vitality. But the disadvantages are also very obvious. They can't keep fresh. Leaves will fall off every day and wither slowly. The longer they are placed, the worse they look. After they are used up, they have to be discarded, wasting resources.

The artificial Christmas tree is a plastic imitation Christmas tree, which is very similar to the real tree in shape and is not easy to break down. It can be disassembled and installed after use and can be recycled, which is the main reason why it is attractive. However, most artificial Christmas trees are made of chemical materials. If discarded, they are not easy to decompose and easily pollute the environment.

Both the real Christmas tree and the simulated Christmas tree have their own advantages and disadvantages. We do not comment on what kind of Christmas tree to use. People can choose the appropriate Christmas tree according to their own preferences


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