Decorative lights bring colorful colors and highlight to the shopping mall


The black-and-white photography works strip off the description of people and objects by color, and black-and-white gray shows some surreal elements - shape, texture and internal structure. The decorative lanterns are colorful, but behind the splendor, the silent efforts of the craftsmen can not be described in a word. Under the record of the black-and-white lens, the details of their meticulous expressions and actions can be presented in z-maximization.

The "lighting Festival" is mainly composed of various kinds of LED decorative lights, including Chinese knot shape, meteor shower shape, heart shape, red light cage shape and so on. The lighting Festival has set up a number of different types of plates to display different artistic conception such as fashion, romance and children's interest, which are highly ornamental and interactive. Cinderella's crystal shoes, beating notes, Rainbow Road, happy home, time travel, butterflies, zodiac, blessing wall and wishing tree create a warm and romantic mood. On the ground, trees, lawns and lakeside, all you can see are colorful jewel like lanterns. Standing in the distance, the lights flicker and change color, as if to bring people into a colorful world. It takes a lot of effort to decorate so many beautiful colored lights.

Meichen focuses on creating an atmosphere with decorative lights, and highlights business occasions; In popular terms, there are different themes and styles of decorative lanterns at festivals, so that customers can feel a strong festive atmosphere and interact with the shopping mall while shopping. This is what we often call "Meichen". Today's American and Chen themed exhibitions and special exhibitions have been accepted by the public. All kinds of atmosphere building have become a magic tool to attract people.

People who are busy in intense work always need a place to relax. The atmosphere in spring is full of green. For people who have no chance to go hiking in the distance, the shopping mall provides a comfortable and pleasant fresh air, which can activate tired brain cells and give customers a wonderful mood. Festivals are not fixed festivals, and the decoration atmosphere of each festival is different, which not only changes people's fixed impression of the mall, but also spreads the traditional cultural energy slowly for people, creates fun and attracts customers.

It is not only necessary to do beauty Chen in festivals, but also more and more prominent in shopping malls on weekdays. The novel ideas attract customers and drive consumption. The artistic and cultural information distributed by Meichen makes the store form a certain spiritual charm to attract the public in the widest possible social scope, and also effectively guarantees the long-term value appeal of the store. In other words, for a store, Meichen is closely related to its brand value and market image value.


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