Analyze the application test of electronic ballast in decorative color lamp


The design and construction of decorative color lamps shall ensure the coordination between lamps and outdoor decoration, and the brightness distribution, efficiency, shading angle, shape and overall dimension shall be comprehensively considered when selecting lamps. For the design of outdoor lighting, high-efficiency, energy-saving and low consumption lighting appliances and light sources shall be selected as far as possible to meet the needs of green lighting projects.

People make efforts to control various influencing factors in the manufacturing and use environment, so as to keep the consistency of light color as much as possible, so as to obtain a more satisfactory light color.

In addition, there is also a phenomenon that decorative color lamps have relatively satisfactory and better light color in the early stage of use, but the so-called color deviation (i.e., color deviation) often occurs in the middle or late life of lamps, and the color deviation of LED decorative color lamps occurs prematurely, which is undesirable to users.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that the arc tube is filled with different kinds of metal halides, which produce disproportion in use.

Organize the research on the human body withstand current limit. When the human body passes through the actual current, it will be dangerous to the human body. However, the test results according to the test method required in the standard are qualified. The weighting of the actual high-frequency current is realized through the line, which has little impact on the low-frequency current measurement.

It has no practical significance for decorative lamp manufacturers to use weighted measurement of human body simulation network, which has virtually expanded the current limit of human body, especially for high-frequency current. In the whole test process, the high-frequency current effect of human body was considered twice.

Due to the above reasons, although the test results of electronic ballasts are qualified, there may be unsafe factors that are dangerous to human body in practice, or all qualified electronic ballasts in the test items may be put into lamps and lanterns, but the test results are unqualified, and the interface between the standards of relevant decorative color lamp products cannot be unified.

The outline of the building, the volume of ceramic fiber modules and all parts of the building can be decorated with decorative lights of different colors and brightness, so as to show the colorful and distinctive night view of urban buildings. The night lighting of urban green plants is also a very important content. Because the outline and texture of green plants are different from those of buildings, their lighting often uses softer lights to contrast the atmosphere and does not highlight plants.


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