How can the lamps of decorative lamp manufacturers assist the ecological landscape lighting design


The use of color light should not only consider the building function, use requirements and surface materials of the building, but also consider the style, historical background and landscape lights of the building. In general, for memorial buildings, government organs, representative buildings and large buildings with obvious style characteristics, color light shall be used cautiously in night lighting, mainly white light. If necessary, color light with a small number of people can be used locally to highlight the overall image of the building; For commercial buildings and recreational facilities, the number of color lights can be increased. Because a single color light not only enhances a certain color, but also changes the tone of other colors on the building facade, causing color imbalance.

Projecting light of different colors on adjacent surfaces in different directions has the effect of active atmosphere, but it also has the risk of causing too strong color difference and damaging the three-dimensional sense of modeling. Therefore, it is only suitable to use color lights for a short time or a small area, and it is not suitable for long-term lighting facilities.

As for waterscape, it mainly uses sound, light and electricity technology to irradiate the water surface such as cascade, waterfall, fountain, river, lake and pond to form the waterscape effect at night. The waterscape lighting design shall avoid glare. When the lamps are placed in the water, attention shall be paid to the influence of water depth on the dimming. Leakage protection device or safety voltage shall be adopted for water feature lighting distribution. Decorative lamps, incandescent lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, metal halide lamps or LED lamps of decorative lamp manufacturers can be selected according to different needs. In addition, especially for the lighting design of the fountain, fully combining the lighting of the decorative lamp manufacturer with the inherent charm of the fountain itself can not only bring visual impact to tourists, but also bring auditory enjoyment.

The public space in the park is an area with rich activities and dense pedestrian flow. The night lighting should fully consider the functionality and landscape. The open public space can be provided with interactive lighting devices and theme lighting sculptures, which can cooperate with the landscape lighting of vegetation and trees to create a harmonious beauty of openness, sharing, intelligent technology and natural landscape.

There are many public facilities with various shapes. According to the matching of public facilities in different areas, the light color is not the same. The overall light should not be too bright. It is mainly quiet. The lighting methods can be rich, and the natural atmosphere is the highlight


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