Decorative lamp manufacturers will introduce the factors of holiday decorative lamps to you


One factor in choosing holiday decorative lamps is that energy-saving lamps or traditional tungsten filament lamps are not very good at saving costs. The cost of electricity is rising. There is an option, which can make the festival become a festive decorative lamp. These lamps are not only cost-effective, but also brighter and more durable than traditional energy-saving lamps.

At present, it is difficult to popularize and use festive decorative lights. The reason is that the cost of festive decorative lights is much more complicated than the cost and process of cloth lanterns, and the packaging can not be compressed, making its freight a great expense. With the continuous maturity and progress of current technology and technology.

Festival decorative lamps are different from ordinary street lamps. They do not need to be connected to the market power, and then there is no pollution and no emission. Although the overall cost is higher than that of ordinary street lamps, their economic and long-life functions are much higher than those of street lamps, and their environmental protection functions are in line with the national policies.

In order to deal with the three bottlenecks of commodity specification, cost and planning, the concept of LED modularization, which is famous for its low cost and fast operation, came into being.


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