Festival decorative lights are widely used in cities


Decorative lamp manufacturers are generally designed to withstand a safe voltage (36V) below the human body, and most use DC 12V. These are all for safety reasons. However, if the waterproof is not good, the working voltage of a holiday decorative lamp will not cause substantial damage to the human body. However, if multiple holiday decorative lamps work at the same time, the consequences are unimaginable.

On the one hand, it is the impact of water quality on festival decorative lights; on the other hand, it is the impact of its own use of materials and waterproof technology. The general service life of festival decorative lights is more than 50000 hours. If anti-corrosion measures are not taken well, the service life of festival decorative lights will be greatly reduced.

Even if the shell is corroded internally, the water in the lamp shell will not affect the circuit, but the function of the festival decorative lamp itself (beauty and lighting) must not be forgotten. The water in the festival decorative lamp will naturally greatly reduce the actual use effect of the festival decorative lamp.

The series of festival decorative lights integrates sound, light and electricity, and its structure and form are various, so it is also an organic combination of beautification, lighting and greening. In a sense, it is also the crystallization of light and shadow, light and art. It is widely used in some garden scenic spots, cultural and leisure entertainment squares and large-scale social activity places in the city. It is also a configuration form of indispensable decorative light sources. It can also be used as decorative lighting products.

The material of the decorative lamp is steel, which is used as the lamp body, and then the whole is treated by electrostatic spraying after high-quality hot-dip galvanizing. It is not easy to rust, so it is relatively anti-aging, and its surface is smooth.


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